Stylish Retro-Themed Whittier CA Cool

Rene and Cynthia were clearly nervous as they prepared to get married. Working my camera in both rooms at their church in Montebello, California, I saw them get more and more tense as the clock ticked. In Cynthia’s room everything was fine, smiles, laughing and then in a flash… OMG! time to get married! The hour had snuck up on her. Last second make-up touch ups were complete. Time to walk down the isle. The rest of the wedding was very well planed planned and flowed well, meaning they had plenty of time scheduled for each event so they were not rushed or stressed. Their wedding was on a Friday and Rene + Cynthia heeded the advise from their DJ R-One ( – he’s great at working the event and rocks it out!)  He advised them Fridays offer a challenge in the form of traffic. Add extra time on a Friday wedding because people will be stuck in traffic. 50 percent of their gusts arrived at their reception 45 minuets late due to traffic. The reception was held at the Crystal Marquis in Whittier, CA. A very cool banquet hall from the 1920′s. Cocktails and appetizers were served to the sounds of big band era and swing music. Then after dinner dancing to latin and club music. Great couple, cool family and friends, FUN Wedding! Thank you Rene and Cynthia

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